Our Services


Engineering: Our in-house talent includes all disciplines required for successful engineering design of energy projects: process, pipeline, mechanical, civil/structural, electrical, controls, instrumentation & automation.

Design/Drafting: Hatch Upside’s full-service design/drafting team is comprised of a balanced mix of experience. Piping, civil/structural and electrical designers work as a cohesive team for efficient execution of our 3D modelled designs.

Supply Chain Management: We are committed to working with reliable, high-performing suppliers and contractors. Hatch Upside’s supply chain management team efficiently executes logistics from bid through award to delivery and invoice approval.

Construction Support: By integrating constructability reviews and planning in every project phase, we ensure efficient and cost-effective designs. Once construction commences, construction support is available to ensure timely action to field requests.

Project Implementation

Project Management: Our experienced project managers oversee and integrate all the different disciplines at Hatch Upside to ensure successful project execution.

Project Engineering: Project engineers define scope, develop design documents, and coordinate the production of project deliverables.

Quality: At Hatch Upside, we are proud to have our Quality Management System aligned with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Project Controls: In the world of project management, project controls tracks the financial health of projects. The project controls team plays a lead role in creating project budgets and schedules.

Document Control: Our team manages all project documents, ensuring we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations regarding document distribution while providing traceability and a high level of security.


Value Engineering: Value engineering optimizes specific decisions to improve schedule, improve cost, improve performance, and reduce risk.

Master Planning: Hatch Upside works with our clients to create a vision for development of future facilities. This is particularly important for operations personnel, as having a development plan allows them to recommend upgrades in line with future objectives.

Legacy Site Documentation: Legacy sites often lack up-to-date engineering documentation. As-building and laser scan technology ensures that critical documentation is current so that your engineering and operations teams have accurate information.

Secondments & Field Engineering: Hatch Upside can assign resources to assist with projects or supplement our clients’ project teams. We also place field engineers at site to work with our clients’ construction teams, facilitating engineering direction as necessary through the RFI process.